RhinoSkin Aluminum Laptop Hardcase

Observe exhibit A, one long-ass video about an aluminum laptop case. Sure it’s adjustable so it can fit basically any laptop you can cram in it, but does the video really need to be five minutes long?

My attention span is good for three minutes tops, so if you’re like me here are the details on this RhinoSkin Universal Aluminum HardCase. Because it’s “universal” (though models will come in three sizes: up to 13 inches, up to 15 inches and up to 17 inches) the company used specially designed locking devices to prevent any laptop movement when the case is opened or closed, making for a tight, custom fit regardless of size. Ventilation allows your notebook to stay cool while in use and still inside the case. The double hinges on the back let you position it a few different ways (flat, raised and angled and raised). Plus, it’s made from aircraft aluminum so it should be lightweight, but sturdy.

Anyway, if anyone gets their hands on one of these things (look for them around June), make a shorter video and I’ll give you a prize or something.