Joost Signs Deal With CNN, Sony, NHL; Prepares To Launch

Two big announcements from new Internet TV startup Joost today: they’ve signed a deal to include content from CNN, and they’ve opened up the beta to allow any current user to invite an unlimited number of other users. Rumor is they will launch publicly in the next few days.

Joost, which was founded by Skype founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, has benefited from massive hype and the fact that only a very few people have so far been let into the beta. They’ve also benefitted greatly from the Google/YouTube-Viacom dispute – Viacom signed a deal to include their content on the Joost platform earlier this year. Joost has also previously announced deals with Warner Music Group and CBS.

The deals announced today include content arrangements with CNN, Sony (old episodes of Charlie’s Angels and Starsky & Hutch will be included), Sports Illustrated (swimsuit issue), the National Hockey League and Hasbro (Transformers & G.I. Joe.

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