Give Your Momma a Zune Contest: Vote Off

300px-mothers_day_cake.jpgHere are our entrants in the Give Your Momma a Zune contest. Apparently our goodwill and kindness were misunderstood as many thought that offering a mother a Zune was tantamount to insult and ridicule. Just the opposite. These are women, young and old, who are cool enough to put up with our moronic obsessions, accept our failings, and revel in our joys. Maybe your mom didn’t want a Zune… maybe we’ll have something for her next week? But this week let’s get the Microsoft Mommas a little MP3-playing love. Read on for the entrants and vote at the end. Voting will be open for three days and end on May 3.


HC – HC kind of mixed it up a little, but he has rendered the spirit of the contest quite beautifully.

The attached pic shows the geekiest mama I know – my wife Carrie who is the mother of our 9-year-old twin daughters.

She ought to know better, but she allowed me to photograph her relaxing
with – what could be geekier – a pair of Zune video goggles.

I think she’d look a lot less geeky if a pink Zune was at the business end
of those goggles… don’t you?

RB – RB’s mom is the blue-hair in back, not the kid dressed as Batman.

My Mom’s kitchen was, until just recently, for the last 20some years,
pink. I came home one day from school, and BAM! It went from
ultra-’70s lime green to pink – I was not involved in this
conversation. This has nothing to do with my Mom being a geek, only
her love for the color pink. When Miami Vice made pink cool for
guys, my Mom was in Heaven. Me? Not so much, but I played along…

However, that makes my Mom a pink freak, not a geek in need of a Zune.

So, here’s how she helped me foster my geekiness as a child.

1. She once searched all over Charlotte, NC (we lived about 40 miles
away in the sticks) for a Battlestar Galactica “Boxey” action figure.
My cousin had told her these were real, but I don’t think he ever
thought she would drive all that way and search the city for it. I’m
sure he regrets it now. The figure didn’t exist.

2. Remember the Star Wars playsets that had a plastic base and a
cardboard background? These too were hard to find in our area,
so we had to go to Charlotte to look for them – it was the Jawa
Sandcrawler playset, I believe. We found one – just one – and she
started dancing in the aisle. I’ll never forget that. It’s one of
the few times in my life I haven’t minded dancing.

3. Unbeknownst to me, she got me an official Battlestar Galactica
Viper pilot jacket out of the back of one of my Starlog magazines.
She also kept it in good shape over the years, and now my oldest son
has taken to it. Pretty cool. DAMN cool.

So, my Mom isn’t herself all that geeky. But DAMN if she didn’t go
above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that my geekiness was
taken care of. I was spoiled by her, but not by toys or other
physical things – by love.


11j – This a note from the entire clan…

My mom and dad had 9 children in 9 ½ yrs. We are currently 9 ½ – 19yrs old. My dad’s a Doctor and works a great deal so we rely on our
mother for most everything. We are all in sports. My mom works so we
don’t have to yet she still attends all our events. She has sacrificed her life willingly for all of us. She makes us breakfast on the weekends and then serves our dad breakfast in bed. She is always giving and definitely deserves to be surprised. Please help us make her Mother’s Day special. The only thing she wants for Mother’s Day is a Zune. We don’t have jobs due to sports so please help us
make that happen.

IK – Jordana? Roar?

My mom is more of an on-the-go geek. She works 6 days a week just about 12 hours a day running the spa that she owns. With such a busy day she would definitely appreciate having a good media player thats an upgrade from her shuffle. As a business owner she has a slew of appointments, and contacts she must keep with her… For that she uses the Axim. With that she always has important documents and files on hand. The Axim also syncs with a customized patient database software written by my father. At her office there is also a Jornada 720 which syncs with a similar database of patient files. This has a GUI also written by my dad.


D1 – She’s a nerd, but has no MP3 player! That’s her down in the corner but I suspect the real takeaway here is that D1’s mom IS SO COOL SHE PLAYS XBOX360 WITH THE KIDS!

These are pictures of my mom on her Compaq R 3000(xp)and HP(Vista) she going to use the Hp for windows live. watching a video on her 360 on a Sony surround sound system . and for she tests the reliability for cell for phones from a disclosed company. She has an earpiece on private chatting with one of her buddies. one thing you don’t see is a pink zune. can u believe she is such a nerd but has no type of wma,mp3 player. Please she needs the top notch music player(Zune, of course). I need A Great present for my mom. :) PLZ PLZ PLZ help me Zunerize my mother!!!!