Flip Video: Camcorder to YouTube, Automagically

flip.jpgWe’ve seen disposable or limited use camcorders before, but Pure Digital, the workhouse behind the el cheapo plastic video recorders, is promising us something new with its Flip Video cams.

While the prices are dropping and the resolutions rising on HD camcorders, these guys are going the other way, rolling out a bare-bones SD cam with TV-out features and software that allows for easy DVD creation from the source vid. What’s really getting attention is the software package includes tools to make it “as easy as possible” to upload to video sharing sites like YouTube. The cameras themselves are very similar to earlier offerings from Pure Digital, but the included suite of apps allows you to optimize and upload to your video sharing account without even opening a Web browser. Not sure if we’d use it, but grandmas will like it. By stopping by Walgreens, you can record and share your son’s entire spelling bee with the world, which is just what we were hoping for.

Flip Video [via Electonista]