Rent The HAL-5 Exoskeleton For $590/mo

Tired of carrying in those groceries for your elderly neighbor all the time? Need to change the flat tire on your 1981 IROC-Z Camaro in the driveway? Don’t bother exerting all your energy on these mundane tasks when you can just pay for a Japanese invention that makes it easier. The HAL-5 exoskeleton can now be rented for just $590 a month for the next year, basically allowing anyone who saw Robocop to live out their fantasy of being a living-cyborg with superhuman strength.

If you had $600 to blow on renting the suit for a month, what would you do with it? I’d probably show up to an 80s dance party and start doing the robot the way it was meant to be done. That and I’d chuck cars left and right for giggles.

Exoskeleton up for rent [Ubergizmo]