RIM Bringing BAS To Windows Mobile

Holy Toledo! In a surprise move, RIM today announced that it will be bringing the Blackberry application suite to Windows Mobile 6.0. Basically, it means your T-Mobile Dash, HTC Libra, and Motorola Q won’t suck as much anymore. You’ll be able to run all your favorite Blackberry apps, including file browser, e-mail, and web browser – basically the whole Blackberry OS running on top of WM6.0.

The best part? RIM is developing the software so that you’ll be able to switch between Blackberry apps and Windows Mobile apps instantly. As with all cool technology, AT&T is getting it’s grubby paws on a deal with RIM and will most likely support the move. You may now get out of your office chair to scream “Yessssss!”

RIM Emulates Blackberry On Windows Mobile [PhoneScoop]