Hunt Ghosts With The Moto Q!

I’ve adjusted to a certain amount of heavy-handed product placement in TV shows, but this is new territory. On the CW show, Supernatural, one of the characters, Dean, has been using a Motorola Q stamped with Verizon Wireless for part of the season. In this past week’s show, he used the camera — and its video abilities — to find and shoot ghosts.

It’s a real ability of the mobile device, too. I called our contacts at Verizon Wireless and Motorola and they said they do have reports of people picking up spirits in their stills and video captured with the Q’s camera. (Not really.) Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. (No, don’t. I am making this part up.)
You can catch the full episode on CW’s site (which was actually pretty fun) and play a nice little drinking game in the process by spotting the product placements.