Blu-Ray Takes The Lead! Over 1 Million Discs Sold

Take a guess at who just whooped HD-DVD in sales? Home Media Research today announced that Blu-Ray had surpassed the 1 million sales mark, making it the first next-gen format to do so. The report released states that 70% of all movies sold in the first three months of the year were Blu-Ray — no doubt a straight a kick to HD-DVD’s nads.

These remarkable sales are attributed not so much to the PS3, but to having more movie studios behind the format. That’s not to say that the PS3 did it’s fair share of work, considering it’s the cheapest Blu-Ray player on the market still. But like all format wars, reports and numbers don’t mean anything until a few years have passed and the consumers have made up their minds.

Blu-Ray cracks million unit sales mark [Electronista]