Subtitling Glasses Put the Text Where It Belongs


I prefer watching imported movies in their native language with subtitles. It would suck to give a passionate performance only to have some hack voice actor dubbed over your lines, don’t you think? Subtitles on the screen, though, are distracting. I like the idea behind the subtitle glasses.

Using a Universal Soldier-esque optics, the subtitle feed from your TV or DVD player is projected onto the glass right in front of your eye, similar to how heads-up displays work. That way your eye can scan the whole big screen with the dialogue always where you need it. Clever.

Right now, the prototypes are for theater-goers, but as the hard part is the headset, look for dumbed down consumer versions later this year, most likely in the $100 price range.

Subtitle Glasses from Spain [Uber-Gizmo]