Moto's KRZR Gets Pinked

motokrzrk1-pink.jpgYou think you’re sooooo cool with your RAZR. I’ll bet you also wear flip-flops in public, pooka-shells, and perhaps that dress-over-jeans thing, too, dontcha?

You’re what we call a “fashion victim.” And we’re here to help. If you like your RAZR but don’t want to be stuck in 2004, we recommend getting yourself a KRZR, Motorola’s follow-up to the RAZR. The KRZR shares a similar form factor but is even thinner in every way, and has more features.

And it’s coming in pink, just like everything else. Look for it to hit AT&T first, then T-Mobile, followed by the CDMA camp at the end of summer. You should start seeing it in time for Mother’s Day.

Pink KRZR for Mother’s Day [Electronista]