Vista Service Pack Coming in Fall

Holding off buying a Vista PC or waiting to roll Vista out in your enterprise solution?logo.jpg According to Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel, a Vista Service Pack should launch in October or November, letting slip one of Microsoft’s most closely guarded secrets.

See, folks don’t like to buy new software. Just ask the folks who are waiting patiently for Windows XP to really get rock solid before they replace their Windows 2000 servers. By naming a time and date of SP1’s coming, they’re essentially giving everyone a chance not to buy the product right now and instead wait a few months until SP1 drops. Clever folks, those computer users.

Otellini let the news slip in a financial conference call, which will probably earn him a trip to Redmond’s special re-education camp high on top of Gates’ skull-shaped castle.

Intel CEO Says Vista Service Pack To Be Released October Or November [Intel]