Digital Drumsticks for DAPs

ijook.jpgRemember Hit Stix? Sure you do. It was a poorly-executed good idea in the early days of motion-sensing toys. It was a pair of plastic drumsticks connected to a belt-holstered speaker. You moved the stick, and an actuator inside would make contact to a lead, sending a short “snap!” of static to the speaker. That was Hit Stix.

The iPod Digital Drumsticks are the updated version of the ill-fated toy. Acting as a pass-through between your headphones and your DAP, the drumsticks allow you to air-drum your own beat to Blonde Redhead with a full assortment of virtual drums and cymbals.

Included is adjustable volume and optional background beats, for the lazy or armless. Find them for $29.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

iPod Digital Drumsticks [HS]