Valve's Steam Servers Possibly Hacked


Russian hackers may have broken into Valve’s Steam servers, obtaining credit card numbers and other sensitive information. While Valve, the developer of Half-Life, has yet to confirm such shenanigans, the Russian hackers are already patting themselves on the back. Next-Gen contacted the black hats, who go by the names of “MaddoxX” and “cintX” (does every hacker name have to end in “X”?), who said they weren’t “happy” to hack the Steam servers. Bunch of Robin Hoods, these two.

Apparently, the whole point of this alleged hack was to prove that Valve doesn’t give a damn about its users’ security. Given that they’re from an anti-Steam Web site, we probably shouldn’t put too much credence into that statement. That’s just a guess.

Rumor: Valve Hacked? [Next Generation]