Cricket Communications Gets Samsung SCH-A870

cricket_logo.gifCricket Communications has announced that the Samsung Siren (SCH-A870) will soon be available to its customers. The handset features a VGA camera with flash, advanced voice recognition, VibeTonz, and Bluetooth.

More interesting the handset, is the Cricket service —one that I think many of you might be unfamiliar with. A subsidiary of Leap Wireless, Cricket offers its customers unlimited calling plans for prices ranging from $45 – $60. The catch is that calling is only unlimited within Cricket service areas. To date, Cricket functions in 51 markets throughout 20 states.

It’s a cool offering, but there is limited defense against competition. When the big players like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon inevitably (and it will happen) throw in to the unlimited market, I don’t foresee there being much sustainability for the smaller niche providers that have built a business around offering unlimited minutes.

Phone pics after the drop.