Sprint Sniffing Vonage

vonage.gifFollowing the verdict of a catastrophic patent infringement suit from Verizon, one that likely signals the end of Vonage as we know it, word comes that Sprint could be exploring a buyout of the ill-fated VoIP provider. Although Vonage is also embroiled in a patent dispute with Sprint, sources indicate that Sprint is keen on the possibility of acquiring Vonage’s 2.4 million customers at a discounted rate of about $354 million — which is about $150 per customer (if you’re a Vonage customer, it’s almost as if you’re being pimped).

All of this will enter into a better perspective on April 24 when federal appeals court judge John Butthouse (OK, I don’t really know his name, but that’s as good as any) decides whether a temporary stay allowing Vonage to sign new customers should be made permanent. We still don’t know what the future holds for Vonage, but whatever it is, I doubt it’ll be good.

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