Philips VOIP8411B Skype Phone Does The Job While Looking Pretty


With the VOIP8411B, Philips jumps into the hurly-burly world of Skype handsets. Fortunately for the Dutch conglomerate, its handset is the best looking of the bunch. It doesn’t do anything that other Skype handsets don’t do—make Skype-to-Skype and SkypeOut phone calls—but it also works as a POTS handset. Remarkable!

The whole package is comprised of three pieces: the handset itself, a fairly large hub and a recharging station. The hub is where you’ll plug phone and Ethernet jacks and the recharging station that—wait for it—recharges the handset. Yes, Philips has pulled out all the stops today.

The VOIP8411B really is no better or worse than its rivals’ offerings, but CNET feels that its sleek, supercool stylings make it worth the $150. Sure, why not?

Philips VOIP8411B – cordless phone / VoIP phone