Belkin Network USB Hub Avaible in June


In an effort to make your life all the more easy, Belkin has come up with the Network USB Hub. The hub plugs into your home network (router, access point, what have you) and then you can plug up to four USB devices into the hub. From then on, you’ll be able to access those devices from any computer on the network.

Since it’s compatible with the still unfinished 802.11n, it’s conceivable to stick the hub and a bunch of external drives, printers, scanners, etc. in a closet, so as not to clutter your desk. I know mine is pretty filthy, thanks in part to a bunch of external drives I have strewn about.

This wunderhub will be available in June for around $130. And since external hard drives are fairly cheap nowadays (don’t believe what Microsoft has to say), you can start building a data library that rivals even Alexandria.

Belkin 802.11n hub to link up USB add-ons remotely [The Register]
Thanks Liam!