Netvibes Launches Universe: Customized Public Pages

This afternoon Netvibes will announce the launch of Netvibes Universe, allowing users to create highly customized versions of Netvibes and publish them for public access. Netvibes has created 100 or so branded versions for the launch – users will be able to create these in about six weeks.

In addition to making the page public, publishers can also highly customize their Universe page by adding their own CSS and HTML.

The TechCrunch Universe page, featuring many of my favorite news feeds and a few widgets, is at Additional Universe pages have been created for a number of artists (50 Cent, Ben Harper, Deftones, G-Unit, Mandy Moore, Moby, Pretty Ricky, and Snoop Dogg) and major news sites (CBS, CNN Money,,, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, TIME, Inc., USAToday and A full list will be published here later today.

Netvibes users can click and add any public page, or portion of a public page, to their own account and receive updates.

Pageflakes also has public pages you can share with everyone or a select group of friends, but doesn’t support your own CSS.