Intel UMPCs Switching To Linux

Not that anyone is excited about UMPCs anymore, but Intel made a pretty bold move this morning. From this day forth, Intel will being using a Linux-based GUI and platform for its UMPCs. Ditching Microsoft’s Origami crapola and going to Linux is an excellent idea. People using UMPCs won’t be installing Windows-dependent apps or anything like that. They’ll just want the basics like IM, web browsing, media playback, and Skype.

The new platform is being dubbed as MID or Mobile Internet Device. These new devices are targeted at the high-end consumer and prosumer and will feature all the good stuff like HSDPA, WiFi, awesome screen resolution, Google Maps, Intel Dual Core processing, and plenty of other yet-to-be-announced features I’m sure. I mean come on, its gotta have Bluetooth! Expect to hear more about MID throughout the year, so keep those ears open.

Intel’s MID UMPCs: So long XP/Vista, hello Linux [Engadget]