Stanton's T.90 USB High-Torque Turntable

The new T.90 USB High-Torque Turntable from Stanton certainly isn’t the first we’ve seen for converting your vinyl to digital files on your computer through USB, but it is definitely better equipped to handle the demands of a pro or hobbyist DJ than most.

The T.90, aside from its namesake high-torque direct-drive motor, features a built-in “Key Lock” for adjusting a record’s tempo without affecting pitch, a selectable-range pitch-control slider and playback speeds of 33rpm, 45rpm and 78rpm. The S-shaped tone arm gives you superior tracking when “scratching” and there are two start/stop switches for mixing or battle setups.

Also included are a S/PDIF output, a Stanton 500B cartridge, slip mat and cloth dust cover as well as software for converting records into digital recordings or CDs.

UPDATE: The MSRP of the T.90 is $435. Expect it to settle in the Numark TTX range when it hits shelves.