Rolling Stone Says They'll Launch Social Network

The best place to tell secrets may not be while speaking to a room full of journalism students at New York University. But that’s how Keith Blanchard, Wenner Media’s executive director for online media for Rolling Stone and other magazines, released the news that they plan to launch a MySpace-style social network around the Rolling Stone brand.

Andrea Feczko, one of the students in the class, saw her chance to break a story and promptly did so. Her professor, Patrick Phillips, then emailed a bunch of major bloggers with the news.

Feczko says the social network will be separate from the main Rolling Stone website, and will include “best of” lists with user voting.

There may be one problem, though. The Rolling Stone audience may be too old to get into the social networking scene. Feczko says only one person in her class actually admitted that they ever read the magazine.