Palm Starts Blogging, Future Looking Bright

palmblog.jpgFor the last couple weeks Palm has really been aggressive at getting its message across. Well, not sure if “aggressive” is the word, maybe “proactive” is more appropriate, as we’ve seen leaks of a new CDMA 3G smartphone, an annoucement regarding a new platform, and now a blog. We’re guessing the blog is an attempt by the Treo maker to keep itself on the gadget world’s radar, and is a good move. It currently has only a “hello world!” post, but it’s new. It’ll grow. Next up? A commentary on Mitt Romney? Palm’s take on the Imus issue?

While we don’t think there will be anything revealing in the blog that’s not carefully picked over by Palm’s capable PR group, we think it’ll be more of a cultural thing, much like Cesar over at Zune Insider gives the users a way to interact with the product team behind their favorite gadget. It’s worked well for Microsoft and we think Palm Blog will work out nicely for these cats.

What’s interesting is that the very first post states that the blog isn’t just for the resident Palm Blogger, but that we’ll see entries by everyone from interns to top brass. We like the idea, and if it’s pithy enough to keep our interest (yet to be seen), then we might even see some “official leaks” and viral stuff going on. Add it to your RSS reader and stay tuned.

Official Palm Blog [, via Paul M]