Dude Says Apple Really Considering Subscription iTunes

Another day, and as always, another Apple rumor. This time it involves the iTunes Music Store and Apple opening up a subscription-based service. If Les Ottolenghi, CEO of Intent Media Works or something, has his way, he believes Apple is literally “on the verge” of announcing a subscription service for iTunes. This guy means business too. He’s serious!

“I think Apple is seriously considering a subscription offering right now even though they will probably tell you otherwise,”

Is Apple considering it? Probably, but I doubt it’s going to announce it soon or even follow through with the idea entirely. The current iTunes model is working pretty well and changing that means Apple could take a possible hit on earnings, something Steve Jobs probably isn’t willing to risk. However, it does seem like a good way to capitalize on the eventual death of DRM. We shall see.

Apple Changes Its iTune? [CNN Money via iLounge]