Dell Ups Laptop HD Capacities to 250GB

picture-63.gifIn all likelihood, desktops will always be ahead of laptops as far as storage goes. It’s simply a matter of size and power: a desktop can have both in spades, but a laptop needs to be portable and cord-free. Dell, though, is stepping things up a notch by adding 250GB HDs to certain of its XPS M1710 laptops.

These make the first mass-produced commercial laptops in America with quarter-terabyte capacities, and exciting prospect for those of us who prefer mobility to desktop slavery. And as the full-on version of Windows Vista takes roughly 200GB for a full install, it’s good to have another 50GB to play around with. Sadly, the monster drives are only available in 5400RPM configurations, so if performance is your hot-button, you’ll wanna wait.

Look for similar system options from Dell’s Alienware line, most likely in the Aurora series of high-end gaming laptops.

XPS Hard Drive Options [Dell Store]

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