MySpace TrailerPark: Dedicated Movie Trailer Site

I got a chuckle this morning when I saw an email from MySpace that they were launching a new service called “TrailerPark” (I thought perhaps they were targeting an underserved demographic for membership expansion). But their new service has nothing to do with that. Instead, it’s a dedicated site for movie trailers. The service is run through MySpace Video.

Trailers can be found on various websites, but having an easy place to browse and embed them is great. Apple’s is actually one of the best – they include options to download to an iPod or in High Definition format. Other good sites for movie trailers include Yahoo Movies, IMDB, Movie List, iKlipz and the Movie Trailers Blog. YouTube also has many movie trailers, although there is no permanent category for them.

It would be good if MySpace also showed relevant data about the movie as well, such as release date, actors, etc. No word from them if they plan to do that in the future.