Clipmarks Enhances Its Search Abilities

, I started using the free browser plug-in — which at its most basic function lets you clip and save the words and pictures you want from a Web page, instead of having to bookmark an entire page — to shop for tech products and write stories about said products. However, there was one feature that would have made my job much easier: search. What’s the point of clipping and sharing only the “best parts of the Web” if you can’t find exactly the part you (or anyone else) are looking for? To solve this, the site today rolled out its latest feature, ClipSearch.

“With the introduction of ClipSearch, users are able to instantly find anything they previously clipped from the Web. Rather than solely relying on tags, users can use any set of search terms to find clips that include those words,” said Clipmarks’ CEO Eric Goldstein when I talked to him earlier this month. “In effect, through clipping things you find on the Web, you are instantly building your own personal Web, powered by your own personal search engine.”

And well, that about says it all. The ClipSearch feature is a necessary addition and, best of all, it works. Check it out for yourself here.