Timex TX: Takes a Licking, Doesn't Look Like a $9.99 Drug Store Watch

t3b941.jpgWatch geeks, rejoice. That vaunted name in timekeeping, Timex, is creating a new line of high-end, $500 watches. The 300 series has a perpetual calendar, the 500 series has a second time zone, and 700 series has a stopwatch, second time zone, and compass. They will also be introducing mechanical watches for the snobs out there.

This is really a great move for Timex. Citizen and Seiko are leading the charge in creating high-end watches for folks who might not actually think of buying a high-end watch and, in fact, most watch sales are in the high-end anyway. The days of crappy quartz watches are over simply because people don’t wear watches anymore. The only way to stay afloat is offer aesthetics and features over price.

Product Page via WatchReport