Lacoste Gets Jiggy With The Second Life Crowd

First off, forgive me for saying the word Jiggy. Now, apparently this game/Second Life/whatever you call it is getting really big. One of my favorite clothing companies, Lacoste, has struck a deal with Linden Labs to create a virtual modeling contest. Alligator & Co. are looking for 100 “remarkable” avatars to appear in Second Life and model Lacoste clothing. Six of the winners will get a personal virtual photo shoot and will have 1 million Lindens to split amongst them.

No, seriously. I’m not making this stuff up. This is for real. I guess if you have a really sexy avatar you should make haste and apply that virtual lipstick. If any of you Second Life players make it to the finals, be sure to let us know how geek-chic it was getting a personal photo shoot/screenshot session.

It’s a model life [WWD]