weird_pics201.jpgWe here at CrunchGear understand your pain. You’re an early adopter, you have loads of junk lying around, and you need somewhere to buy and sell cool gadgetry without the hassle of scammers and spammers. Introducing This new service uses Edgeio’s classified ads serving technology to propagate your CG/gear listings all over the Interweb and costs $2 per item. But read on for a special discount…

First, why should you pay for a listing? Well, it keeps the system manageable and prevents spammers from filling up the board with junk. It also weeds out uninterested sellers and gives you a good, cheap alternative to the other vast wastelands — read “sales and auction sites” — out there. Your items will appear on the CG front page and will be seen by a computer-savvy and intelligent audience of cool readers. You negotiate the terms, shipping, and payment. We just charge for the initial ad… or do we?

From now until April 16, we are offering CG readers free posts on CG/gear. The coupon code is CG911. Give it a try, see how it works for you, and come back early and often.