Technorati CEO Search Confirmed

Technorati has retained New York-based James and Company to conduct a CEO search for the company. For the last few weeks, the firm has been reaching out to potential candidates in Silicon Valley and elsewhere to gauge their interest in leading the nearly four year old company. No word on whether founder and current CEO Dave Sifry will take a new position at the company or will move on to something else. it’s also possible, of course, that no suitable candidate will be found to replace Sifry.

Technorati’s stats have been largely up recently, although a number of distribution deals they currently have in place may be in jeopardy. Employees of the company were reportedly told about the CEO search last week.

Technorati is the largest blog search engine, with taking the second spot. Of course, Google is indexing blogs much more regularly today than they were even a year ago – suggesting that Google’s main search engine at is most likely Technorati’s biggest direct competitor.

Technorati has not yet responded to an email request for comment. Rumors of a CEO search at Technorati were first reported by Valleywag.

Update: My inquiry to Dave Sifry has prompted him to write a blog post on the matter. He says he’ll remain with the company in a product role. This strikes me as a sensible move.