Well, Now We Have GodTube

We wrote about the YouTube clones for pornography, so to even out our karma level we need to mention GodTube, a YouTube like Flash video sharing site focusing on using “technology to connect Christians for the purpose of encouraging and advancing the Gospel worldwide.” So when they say God, they specifically mean Jesus Christ and Christianity and not just any God that someone might believe in.

Don’t try to upload non-Christian video to the site. GodTube relies on the “vigilance” of members to quickly flag inappropriate content. That, combined with their “proprietary technology” helps them enforce their community standards.

I think niche social networks and other services like this are great – it gives people who share beliefs and lifestyles a place to hang out. I think JesusTube would have been a better name choice, though, given that this is restricted to the Christian God. See also a discussion of MyChurch, a “Facebook for Christians” on the TechCrunch Forums.

Lovely video below that uses a banana to prove the existence of God.

Update: Well, there’s IslamTube as well, so not everyone is left out. Thanks DizzyThinks.