Sorry, Canada, No iPhone For You (Maybe): Blame Rogers


Forget about getting your hands on the iPhone, Canada, because Rogers, your only GSM provider, just said any and all information on the iPhone’s availability on its network is pure speculation. (Remember, the iPhone is a GSM-only device.) Not only that, but analysts also said that Rogers might not even carry the iPhone at all if it doesn’t prove to be cost effective. That’s what happens when you have a universal healthcare system.

But yeah, how realistic is it for Rogers to withhold the release of [probably] the most important cellphone ever? We already know plenty of Americans have been bothering AT&T to know when they can purchase one. Lord knows what’ll happen if people don’t get their precious iPhone. So good luck with that, Canada, and be sure to thank Rogers for keeping to the phrase “the customer is always right.”

UPDATE – “Hence, just today, on April 6th 2007, we’ve made a call to Rogers Wireless regarding the CBC report. Rogers Wireless customer representative Amanda, (1-877-764-3772), told us the following.
According to Amanda (whose last name we were unable to get due to Rogers policies), “We [Rogers Wireless] are going to offer the iPhone in Canada… We’re just unsure of the exact release date.”” confirms the iPhone

Apple confirms U.S. iPhone launch set for June [CBC via Apple Insider]