Panasonic D-Snap SD850N DAP: Yup, It Plays Music Alright


If you look very closely, you’ll see that Pansonic has updated its D-Snap line of digital audio players. The new kid on the block is the SD850N, an SD card-based DAP that comes with a 1GB card thrown in for good measure. Just like its SD800 forefather, the 850N features noise canceling voodoo, which blocks out up to 83 percent of unwanted outside noise. Good, because when I’m listening to my MP3/WMA/AAC of choice, I do not want to hear the din of New York.

The battery seems to have gotten some work done, too. It lasts up to 80 hours when the noise canceling is turned off (60 with it on) and there’s a special power-saving charge mode that’s said to improve long term battery life. If you can’t already tell, the latest D-Snap is so “me, too!” it’s really just bothersome. I would bet that your cellphone plays MP3s nowadays. Just use that instead.

Product Page [Panasonic via]