eMusic Launches Subscription-Based Plans

I always liked eMusic. Though second banana to iTMS, it still has a good amount of music worth downloading and every song is DRM-free. Now eMusic is trying to launch a subscription service without DRM that will allow users to download a set number of tracks per month. These new plans are being called “Connoisseur Plans” and involve the user paying a set price each month for a pre-determined amount of downloads.

Plans include Connoisseur Basic for $24.99, which nets you 100 downloads, Connoisseur Plus is $49.99 a month and will score you 200 downloads, and at the end of the line is Connoisseur Premium — 300 tracks for $74.99 a month. It breaks down to about a quarter a track overall, which is a pretty good deal on 100% legal music. No word yet if songs can be “rolled over” to the next month if unused the previous month.

eMusic launches new subscription plans [eMusic]