Free WiFi for PSP Owners

main.jpgThough not everyone is enthusiastic about a new firmware patch for the PSP (homebrewers), this update is worth jumping up and down for. Sony and T-Mobile have partnered to offer six months of free WiFi service to PSP owners. Yup, now you can roll up to the local Starbuck’s, Borders, or T-Mobile store to get your game on, completely free of charge. As a bonus, after the initial six months of free play, T-Mobile will offer PSP owners a discounted rate on a Hotspot account.

You have pretty much a whole year (until March 28th, 2008) to sign up, so take your time to make sure you maximize the potential gameosity you can achieve while playing PSP over a piping hot medio Americano tall with a shot of decaf caramel sauce. Mmmmm…

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