Airlines Taking A Liking To WiFi

The WSJ has a great piece on how American-based airlines are going to soon offer WiFi on flights. With the growing demand and absolute need for the Internet everywhere we go, it was only a matter of time before US-based airlines jumped on ship. According to the article, within the next 12 months, airlines will offer in-flight net connections, IM, and e-mail. The announcements are expected to be made this summer, which could give the airline industry the boost it desperately needs. Companies like AirCell are prepping for a launch of Internet services aboard flights.

Oh, and don’t think you can start chatting up a storm for free — VoIP calls will be blocked by the provider. Hopefully by early 2008, we’ll start seeing WiFi as an available option on most flights. The average cost is expected to be about $10 for a day pass on flights with discounts available to those with existing WiFi services like T-Mobile’s HotSpot. Check out the full article for an excellent read.

WiFi in the Sky: Airlines Prepare Cabin Hotspots [WSJ]