You're All Idiots For Applauding The Apple/EMI Agreement Says Angry Inquirer Guy

The Inquirer‘s Charlie Demerjian thinks you’re all idiots (and dumb sheep and suckers…) for applauding the EMI anti-DRM stance announced yesterday. His main rationale is that you’re all celebrating being sold back rights that never should have been taken from you in the first place. Fair enough. But then he goes on and on about how a 30 percent price increase is “borderline outrageous,” which actually pains my soul. 30 cents, Charlie? You’re not willing to pay 30 cents to get a file that’s of significantly higher quality and without DRM? It seems to me that this whiner just likes to complain.

His analogy is even dumber. He suggests that the record companies are akin to a man walking down the street who just so happens to start beating you with a baseball bat, only stopping when you’ve paid in full. Call me crazy, but I don’t log onto iTunes because Steve Jobs is threatening to beat me up. He makes it seem like someone’s forcing you to buy this music. (Really, there are alternatives if you have no qualms with being unethical.) The solution is simple: don’t buy music (and pipe down while you’re at it).

I swear, some people are never happy. The Apple/EMI deal is a huge step in the right direction, but then there’s Negative Neds like our dear friend Charlie who just can’t appreciate a good thing for what it’s worth. Why such angst, Mister?

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