Two Episodes Into Prom Queen And I'm Completely Hooked

Two days and two episodes into the new 80-segment, Internet-only show Prom Queen and I’m completely hooked.

Ok, not really. High school dramas aren’t really my thing, and I’m betting I spend a lot more time watching than Prom Queen. But the show does have merit (the story moves along briskly). MySpacers may be drawn to it, and it is as good as much of the user generated content out there. Michael Eisner’s Vuguru may have a mini hit on its hands. Episode 1 is embedded above. Episode 2 and future episodes are here.

Advertising intrusion was not as bad as I had feared after reading Eisner’s interview last week. There was a three second pre-roll ad for the upcoming Hairspray movie, a short ad for Verizon Vcast and then a fifteen second post-roll ad for Hairspray again. There were no obvious product placements that I saw in the first two episodes, and the last two ad units were easily skipped since the episode was over. Three total seconds of forced pre-roll ad watching for 1:40 worth of actual content is a lot better than normal TV.

With a budget of $100,000, the show could be very profitable.