To-Conne i-Lit Speakers: Instant Club Atmosphere Without All Those Annoying People

I could have saved myself a hot $50 (spent to watch Paul Oakenfold “DJ,” if you can call what he did DJing) this weekend by staying at home and mixing my own DJ set with these (but not those) i-Lit speakers decorating every corner. See, they light up with one of three colors (guess which ones) in sync with the beat of the music. They’re not the most powerful out there, rated at only three watts per channel, but you’re clearly just buying them for looks. With these hooked up to some high-tempo beats, it’s like your very own Pacha in your house, less the club drugs. Personal choice I suppose.

These instant friend-makers will hit Japan next month for a reasonable $47, which is still less than what it cost me to see that Oakenfold go through the motions.

Product Page [To-Conne via New Launches]