Next Service To Try Gaming Digg: Subvert and Profit

Subvert and Profit is the newest service to try to sell home page placement on Digg. Like User/Submitter and Spike the Vote before it (both now offline), the idea is to charge people for a digg vote (in this case, $1 per vote).

Digg users can sign up and will receive $.50 every time they digg a story (note: this is in clear violation of the Digg terms and conditions and many users who have joined similar gaming sites have been banned from the Digg).

The difference with Subvert and Profit is their positioning. People who want to get stories on the Digg home page are called “advertisers.” The site describes itself as “We allow advertisers to purchase actions on social networks” and says that they are “50 to 100 times more cost effective than conventional Internet advertising.”

The service also has an affiliate program of sorts. For every user you refer to the site, they will pay you 10% of that user’s earnings going forward.

No one has been able to set up a successful service to game digg so far. Users who signed up for User/Submitter were banned. SpiketheVote, which described itself as “bulletproof” was sold on ebay for $1,275 and the buyer then donated the domain name to Digg.

We’ll see how this one does.