Maybach Laptop For The Rich And/Or Famous

Anyone with $4000 to shell out and a hankering for a new laptop should take note of this beautiful new notebook from HP and Maybach. Though it does come after Ferrari and Lamborghini made laptops with Asus and Acer, the Maybach laptop seems to be a whole new ball game. Equipped with what looks like a snakeskin leather trim and a Maybach logo on the front, this notebook truly is feature rich. It comes with Intel Core 2 Duo, built-in SSD-storage of 64GB (yes, solid state), and sensory buttons with ambient lighting.

Worth the money? Far from it, but elitists can still pick one up if they choose to do so. Expect a limited-run from HP before they realize no one cares.

Maybach notebook – HP Maybach ns42 [New Launches]