SellABand Music Model Gaining Traction

Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote about German startup SellABand when it launched last August.

Like Amie Street, SellABand has an innovative way for struggling new artists to get their music heard, and make some money as well. Artists sign up and upload some of their music. Users listen to it. If they like it, they pay $10. If a band reaches $50,000 in donations, SellABand helps them record an album with a studio and expert producer.

It’s great in theory. At the time of our original post there wasn’t much data – 130 bands had signed up in the first couple of weeks, and had raised a few hundred dollars each.

But a few months later, wow. 2700 bands from all over the world have signed up, and four have already reached the $50,000 mark and have recorded albums (Nemesea, Cubworld, Second Person and Clemence, and more are on the way. Mandyleigh, one of our readers, is currently no. 4 on the top list and looks to be headed to the studio soon.

Listeners who donate to an artist get a free CD when the goal is reached – and are refunded their money if it isn’t. Artists get 1/3 of all advertising revenue from their profile, and 60% of proceeds from eventual album sales. They also get all rights back to their music a year after the album comes out.