Apple Hacks Our Hacks

If you’re planning on hacking your Apple TV, if you haven’t already, I wouldn’t bother because Apple is only going to hack your hack. I suppose there is always a downside to the Internet. Apple caught wind of all the hackity hacks going around regarding the Apple TV and they’re taking appropriate steps to rectify the situation.

According to IPP over at Tutorial Ninja, his hacked box, along with others, has mysteriously been reset. They’re quick to point the finger at Apple and say they’re coming in at night to reset everything, but others have pointed to ‘chronojob,’ a scheduled reset tool. Nevertheless, if you think Apple is hacking your hack then change your password, deny any Internet access to it or else you’ll incur a breach of network and/or $300 paperweight. You can’t call yourself a ninja when you’re being ninja’d, ironic isn’t it?

Tutorial Ninjas [via T3]