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Katie Fehrenbacher over at GigaOm is reporting U.S YouTubers will be treated to a mini version later this year at the conclusion of the exclusivity clause in YouTube’s contract with Verizon wireless. The service will be live in Europe later in May.

The mobile version will be a condensed version of YouTube, featuring 800 videos picked by YouTube’s editorial staff. No word yet on what video format they plan on using to navigate mobile’s maze of varying standards.

  • Sampad Swain

    Thanks for the update. Will check them since as of now I don’t have access to television.


  • scott

    I was prompted to agree to some sort of TOS agreement when I first accessed the CNN streams. I had Flash but a new optional extension was required for optimal performance. The interesting part was that this extension leveraged a P2P-based solution.

  • Enrique Gutierrez

    Might want to update your title, Mumbai isn’t Mubai

  • Steve Gillmor

    fixed. thx enrique

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    hum, the micro blog is more fast to transmit the news.

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  • teraom

    Nice to see twitter take up such media focus. I am sure this has become a platform. It ll be soon before the twitter platform is monetized.

    And this event has brought up new ideas like videos to twitter, forget live streaming. I dont think we are there yet..

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