LG To Use Google Apps On Phones

Pardon me, but didn’t LG just strike a huge deal with Yahoo! recently? I suppose you shouldn’t even bother choosing sides when you can have the best of both worlds. LG has announced that it will be including some of Google’s mobile apps on future phones, which will include Gmail, Mobile Maps, Search, and Blogger. Ten of these new “Google-fied” phones will drop this year in several countries (US included), with more to follow in the future.

But the biggest news out of this? LG is going to start selling their phones to carriers as “LG-Google” phones and devices. Pretty ridiculous. You know one day Google is going to get so big, you’ll walk into a Starbucks only to see the Googlechino – a fresh blend of coffee, milk, espresso, and 486 chips the manager found in his basement.

LG Phones to Bundle Google Apps [Giga Om]