And Now, Something A Little More Frivolous From Zoho

ToonDoo launched this morning, a new site that lets users easily create comic strips with pre-built or uploaded images and text. This is an Indian company, and has the same parent company, AdventNet, as Zoho (one of our current sponsors), a fairly serious online office application startup (see our coverage here).

The creation tool is a Flash applicaton that includes a number of options for characters, props, backgrounds and text bubbles. Users can also upload their own images and include them in the comic strip.

Once the strip is created it can also be published to the ToonDoo platform, along with a title, tags and a description. User comments and rankings help bring the good stuff to the front. The service just launched moments ago, so there isn’t much content there yet, but the most favorited strips are here. This is my personal favorite. ToonDoo is free.

Check Comeeko and Stripgenerator, two existing services, as well.