TiVos Can Now Share Videos and Pictures With Each Other

TiVo users can now send video and picture montages to other TiVo users for free through the end of April. The company hooked up with the Web site One True Media (jeez, where’s Orwell?), which will facilitate all of this nonsense. Users upload their pics and videos to One True Media, make a “Tivo channel code,” then share the channel with their TiVo-owning friends. Wow, that sounds pretty intuitive. I’ve always wanted to go to a third-party Web site, upload my stuff to their servers, then go back to my TiVo to enjoy my friends’ totally awesome montages.

This service is in beta from now until April 30, when the price jumps to $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year. So if you’re one of the few clinging onto your broadband-connected TiVo and have an itch to share (in a roundabout way) your cool home movies and whatnot, bow down before the One True Media.

Now Playing … Your Video Montages on TiVo! [One True Media via Gizmodo]