New Competition For PayPerPost (humor) (I think)

New service BegForPost takes on the ethically questionable PayPerPost service that allows advertisers to pay bloggers to write about their products.

BegForPost promises none of the ethical hassles of PayPerPost. There’s no payment, just begging for coverage:

You’ve worked for months building a startup on a boostrap budget and the launch is near. How will you get an initial influx of traffic to propel your product/service into viral bliss? Don’t pay off bloggers to promote your startup, beg! Getting started is quick and easy. Fill out the form below, sit back, and wait for Internet stardom. You’re almost there!

* Completely free
* No chicken hats
* No conflicts of interest
* No annoying reality show
* No direct deployments to production
* No premature acquisition announcements

The first “begger” is Sparkmeter a “tool to help cut through the ’08 election news.” They requesting a review on TechCrunch. Nice.

Our previous PayPerPost coverage is here. I expect a cease & desist letter from PPP to BFP to be arriving momentarily.