More Details on ZenZui Forward-Looking Mobile GUI

about the Microsoft-funded ZenZui launch today and its noble goal to “[transform] the way people engage, consume and interact with Web content through a revolutionary mobile user experience and information ecosystem.” (Seriously, I kid you not. That’s what the release says.)

Essentially, it’s a GUI that zooms in and out. The technology splits the UI into 36 different “tiles” that users then manipulate, zooming in and out, dragging around the screen, etc. I suppose the thinking is that, since cellphone and other mobile device screens are so tiny, being able to manipulate the content gives the illusion of having more space to work with. You know, how putting lots of mirrors in a room gives is the impression of being larger than it actually is. Again, there’s a video of this vast information ecosystem in action right here.

Though ZenZui launches today, there’s no indication of when it’ll make it onto your favorite handset. All good revolutions take time to have the desired effects, you know.

Press Release [ZenZui]