Happy Birthday Jajah: 2 Million Users

A year after VOIP phone service Jajah launched their service, they’ve announced over 2 million registered users (Up from 1.2 announced in January) and officially announced Trevor Healy as the new CEO.

See our consumer VOIP comparison post for an overview of Jajah and some of its competitors.

Jajah is a VOIP service that gives you lower long distance rates by bridging standard phone lines with a cheaper VOIP alternative. You can place Jajah calls by clicking on your contacts through their website (desktop and mobile), Symbian client, various browswer plugins, or Google Gadget. You can try out a one time call by going to Jajah and typing in you and your contacts info. When you initiate a call by clicking on a contact, Jajah calls back your phone and your contact’s phones. The call is then routed through your phone network (land or mobile), to Jajah’s servers, and then back out through your contact’s phone. Similar to Jaxtr and Jangl you can keep your number private. Call rates vary, but are in the 2.8 to 3.2 cent range and remain free between Jajah users.

The founder and former CEO Roman Scharf has stressed the company’s obsession with quality several times. They have over 250 telecom engines in over 45 countries worldwide and chose the best data carriers for their call paths in real time. They’ve done this on a relatively tighter budget ($8 million) than the competition to boot.

Recently their strategy has been focused around large business deals. Currently Dell, Logitech, and Symbian use their service, they were recently incorporated with Joyent, and are working on an anonymous call deal with a large dating site (Jangl has a deal with Match.com).